Specialist Hygiene And Cleaning Services

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National Certificate: Specialist Hygiene and Cleaning
Services (36233)

Program Description

The main purpose of this qualification is to positively impact on social and economic
transformation in the cleaning industry by developing a culture of quality service and
professionalism in this Services Industry, and by promoting and continually improving a
professional image, instilling a culture of awareness of a clean environment and creating
environmental awareness.. This qualification intends to produce employable cleaners/team
leaders who can find gainful employment in the cleaning industry.


The qualification aims to develop skills in terms of practicing professional team leader
abilities, developing a sense of pride amongst employees for their jobs and their industry,
developing a better understanding of the industry amongst employees, enhancing a code of
ethics inclusive of viable and sustainable environmental management practices, providing
consistent quality and safety standards and educating clients about hygiene, for the purpose
of using “best practice” cleaning methods.

Total duration of course

15 days (completed over 12 months)

Number of credits

120 credits

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Life Skills (2 days)

17 credits, unit standards 7800, 8618, 14349, 8416, 11813, 8494
This highly interactive and enjoyable course offers the learner valuable insights into the
person that they are, creating awareness of the type of development required without
being threatening in any way.

Basic Teamwork Skills (1 day)

5 credits, unit standards 8420, 11235
Most cleaning staff work in teams and it is imperative that they are effective. A team is
only as strong as its weakest player and this module shows learners how to be an
effective team player.

Communication (2 days)

20 credits, unit standards 8963, 8962, 8967, 8964
Often at this level, employees are competent at their jobs but lack
the necessary skills to communicate effectively. By addressing the basics of good
communication at this level, the module allows the learner to become more confident
about how to communicate with their colleagues and manager more successfully.

Coaching (2 days)

10 credits, unit standard 9926
Often new employees are placed in teams and learning the job function occurs informally,
or takes up a large portion of the manager’s time. By ensuring that all team members
have effective coaching skills, this job function can be transferred effectively to another
team member, which also allows for quicker bonding and increased team spirit. This
module teaches the techniques to improve this process.

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Customer Care (2 days)

16 credits, unit standards 10348, 12511
It is not often recognised that cleaners come into contact with customers almost more
often that office staff. By creating an awareness of pride in one’s work, as well as
accountability, cleaning staff can feel part of an organisation through the realisation of
their contribution to customer service.

Health and Safety (1 day)

15 credits, unit standards 12512, 7799, 110471, 12525
Too often this aspect of a cleaner’s job is informal. It is critical that a cleaner is aware of
the impact of their tools and solutions, and makes it a priority to ensure that they do not
present a hazard to themselves or anyone else coming into contact with these.

Mathematics and Numeracy (3 days)

16 credits, unit standards 9009, 7480, 12444, 7469, 9007
This module deals with a core competency that a Cleaner has to have – measuring and
counting. By ensuring that cleaning fluids are calculated accurately and that cleaning takes
place effectively and regularly, quality standards will improve.

Demonstrate Your Skills (2 days)

8. Demonstrate Your Skills (2 days)
21 credits, unit standards 12526, 110470, 110442, 110469
This practical module requires that the learner demonstrate their ability to do the
cleaning function of their job profiles.

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