Occupationally Directed Education Training Development Practices

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National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training Development Practices (50334)

Program Description

This qualification is for those who want to to enter the field of Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development as a potential career, and have little or no previous exposure to this field. The qualification will also be valuable for those who may have been practising within the field, but without formal recognition. This qualification will be useful for Learning Facilitators, Assessors, Learner and learning supporters as well as Skills Development Facilitators.


Design and develop learning interventions
Facilitate learning
Design and conduct assessments
Facilitate skills development

Total duration of course

21 days (completed over 12 months)

Number of credits

148 credits

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Phase One: Fundamental ETD Competencies (71 credits, 10 days)

Assessor (4 days – one day of theory and three days of practical)

8 credits, unit standard 10135
This course is compulsory for any Subject Matter Expert who would like to assess learners. It teaches the steps of assessments as follows: Planning and preparing for assessments; conducting assessments; giving feedback to learners; reviewing the assessment process. This is covered against the backdrop of ensuring the learner’s understanding of the principles of outcomes-based education in the South African context.

Fundamentals I (1 day)

10 credits, unit standards 115789, 115790
This workshop assumes that the learner has the necessary verbal and written communication competencies to deliver their material effectively. This session is to provide the learner with a portfolio and to explain how to populate it with evidence to demonstrate this.

Facilitation Skills I (4 days, two days of theory and two days of practical)

36 credits, unit standards 114924, 117871, 117874, 117865, 123397
This intensive module (together with the Assessor course) forms the core unit standards of the Occupationally Directed Education Training Development Practices. It provides the subject matter expert with everything they need to know about imparting their skills effectively, from providing information to learners to effective delivery in the classroom.

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Phase Two: Advanced ETD Competencies (49 credits, 9 days)

Skills Development Facilitator I (3 days, two days of theory and one day of practical)

29 credits, unit standards 15217, 15221, 252041, 15227, 15232, 123396
This highly interactive course covers the theory behind skills development at an organisation as well as how to tap into funding from the SETA’s. It teaches learners how to complete a Workplace Skills Plan and then administer that at an organisation. A very useful course for any person passionate about skills development at their organisation.

Moderator (3 days)

10 credits, unit standard 115759
Entry requirements for attendance at this course are that the learner must have completed the Assessor training, and assessed at least eighteen portfolios. Moderation is based on the effective understanding of assessment as well as being able to demonstrate these skills in order to ensure that other Assessors are assessing properly. It is also a strategic function in that moderation systems have to be regularly reviewed and streamlined.

Develop Training Material (3 days, two days of theory and one day of practical)

10 credits, unit standard 123394
This course is for learners who would like to learn how to develop training material that is unit standard-aligned. Khanyisela College has materials development specialists on board who ensure that this is an excellent institution to acquire this skill. It is recommended that learners complete this course together with Develop Assessment Tools.

Design Assessment Tools (3 days, two days of theory and one day of practical)

10 credits, unit standard 115755
This course is a natural fit with Develop Training Material since in order for one to get unit standard aligned material accredited, assessment tools have to exist. Our in-house material development experts ensure that this course is above average in terms of imparting the right skills for developing good assessment tools.

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