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Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management (57712)

Program Description

This management qualification is for entry level managers in any industry who are newly appointed, or who would like to enhance their skills base that will give them insight into managing people. This qualification also allows the learner to exit with a matric equivalent, if they would like to enhance their skills further afterwards.


Core competencies a learner will acquire include the theories regarding different types of leadership, self-knowledge and being aware of their own management style as well as learning how a business works including the financial aspect of running a business.

Total duration of course

26 days (completed over 12 months)

Number of credits

164 credits

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Leadership and Teamwork (3 days)

32 credits, unit standards 242824, 242819, 242821, 242812
This module emphasises the fact that a leader has to be team player as well. By doing this, they are better able to manage their team, motivate them and deliver better results – all aspects covered in the module.

Problem Solving (1 day)

8 credits, unit standard 242817
The practical steps in this module will equip a new manager with the necessary skills to solve problems together with their team, as well as in their personal capacity.

Written Business Communication (3 days)

25 credits, unit standards 119457, 119459, 119465, 119469, 12153
The learner will improve their written professional communication skills, as well as learn to compose work-related texts such as email and minutes of meetings.
NOTE: if the learner does not have grade 12, then an additional module in a second language is required.

Oral Business Communication (2 days)

15 credits, unit standards 119472, 119462, 119467
This module allows learners to improve their verbal skills to better communicate with internal as well as external clients, on a one-on-one basis or in a team scenario.

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Time Management (1 day)

5 credits, unit standard 242811
This practical course ensures that the learner develops basic time management skills – a competency commonly lacking in many supervisors and which can be easily remedied with the right training.

Dealing with HIV/AIDS (1 day)

4 credits, unit standard 13915
HIV/AIDS has an impact on a team and, therefore, an organisation. By providing the learner with basic coping mechanisms for understanding the impact and dealing with team members sensitively, the employee can only enhance their leadership skills.

Conducting Meetings (1 day)

5 credits, unit standard 242816
A critical function of a good leader is ensuring that meetings are effective. This allows for better communication between manager and the team, as well as creating cohesion and effectiveness within the team. This module ensures that the aspects of a good meeting are covered.

Mathematics and Statistics (3 days)

10 credits, unit standards 9015, 9016
A basic module on fundamental mathematic literacy and an introduction to statistics – a useful competency for any manager.

Understanding Business Finance (2 days)

6 credits, unit standards 7468
This module offers the learner a basic introduction to financial statements as well as how to scrutinise and understand the various elements. A useful course for supervisors who have to manage and monitor a basic budget but who have no formal training in bookkeeping or finance.

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Self Development (1 day)

13 credits, unit standards 242815, 11473
In this module teaches self-awareness which is critical when developing a successful leadership style. By knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are, a learner can effectively delegate and manage their team.

Customer Service (1 day)

5 credits, unit standard 242829
A critical function of any manager, even if no external customers are dealt with, this contributes to improve service delivery all round.

Management Functions (2 days)

11 credits, unit standards 242814, 242818
There are certain principles regarding leadership and management that any entry level supervisor should be aware of. This module addresses these and requires the learner to apply the skills outlined. This module also seeks to ensure that the learner understands the bigger picture of where their job function fits into the organisation as a whole.

Strategic Business Principles (2 days)

15 credits, unit standards 242822, 242813
As a leader at your organisation, you will be exposed to activities that are bigger than your day-to-day job. You would have to understand the why of what you are doing, as well as how it affects others and systems. This module provides an introduction to key principles within business, which underpin the central ideas of how that business works. You will gain insight into how a business decides on what it wants, what it stands for and ensure that everything it does is geared towards making that happen.

Applied Management Skills (2 days)

10 credits, unit standards 242820, 242810
This module allows the learner will apply and enhance skills learnt during the qualification itself. It demostrated practically how to utilise the skills learned.

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