FETC: New Venture Creation

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Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation (66249)

Program Description

This qualification is intended for those who want to start their own businesses. They will be equipped with a variety of technical, business managerial and personal skills, as well as strategies to help them succeed in the creation and sustenance of a business. Once successfully completed, the candidate should have a sound foundation for the application of these skills and knowledge to explore a diverse range of entrepreneurial opportunities.


Core competencies a learner will acquire include the ability to identify and create a new venture, show good interpersonal skills needed in a business environment, understand basic economics within an economy and apply business principles and techniques as well as know the role of leadership and management within a small business.

Total duration of course

23 days (completed over 12 months)

Number of credits

170 credits

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Phase One: Putting Things into Place

Develop a Business Idea (2 days)

14 credits, unit standards 263356, 114600, 114596
This module delves into your profile as a potential entrepreneur. It also highlights the requirements and skills for out-of-the-box thinking and leads to the research of new ideas for a business. The right place to start for any start-up business.

Prepare to Start a Business (12 credits, 1 day)

12 credits, unit standard 263534, 114592
The steps in this module will equip a new business owner to develop a comprehensive business plan and create a project plan to make the business a reality.

Phase Two: Fundamentals

Written Business Communication (3 days)

25 credits, unit standards 119457, 119459, 119465, 119469
Written professional communication skills will improve, as well composing work-related texts such as email and minutes of meetings.

NOTE: if the learner does not have grade 12, then an additional module in a second language is required.

Oral Business Communication (2 days)

15 credits, unit standards 119472, 119462, 119467
This module allows learners to improve their verbal skills to better communicate with internal as well as external clients, on a one-on-one basis or in a team scenario.

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Mathematics and Statistics (3 days)

10 credits, unit standards 9015, 9016
A basic module on fundamental mathematic literacy and an introduction to statistics – a useful competency for any business owner.

Phase Three: Business Areas

Business Finance (3 days)

23 credits, unit standards 114584, 263455, 263474, 7468
Without a solid understanding of the finances of a business, the chances of failing become incrementally higher. This module offers guidance to a non-financial business owner in costing and pricing, applying for finance and generally running one’s own finance as well as the business wisely.

Human Resources (2 days)

21 credits, unit standards 13952, 116394, 242655
The greatest asset a business has is its people. Developing an understanding of the legislation surrounding employees, knowing how to manage your people and demonstrating to them ethical behaviour will improve loyalty and trust with your employees.

Business Functions (2 days)

14 credits, unit standard 263514, 114805, 119471
Without these secondary skills, you might find your business floundering, or unable to move to where you believe it should be. Ensure a balanced set of skills for yourself by being aware – and implementing such important skills as marketing, administration and skills development requirements.

Leadership Functions (3 days)

11 credits, unit standards, 263434, 263456, 120389, 13948
There are certain principles regarding leadership and management that any business owner should be aware of. This module addresses these and requires the learner to apply the skills of operations, strategic planning, motivating yourself and your team as well as negotiating with stakeholders.

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