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Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services (61595)

Program Description

Administration is at the heart of every organization. This qualification is for anyone who is currently involved in office administration, or who wants to work in this area. Learners attending this course will find themselves more competent in their jobs, and better able to offer a professional service. In addition, this qualification allows learners without a Grade 12 qualification to acquire a matric equivalent.


Core competencies a learner will acquire include the management of records, being able to manage themselves and their time, managing the reception and answering the telephone as well as improving their communication skills.

Total duration of course

25 days (completed over 12 months)

Number of credits

148 credits

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Team Work (1 day)

8 credits, unit standard 10135
Working together as a team is a valuable competency requirement of any office environment. By understanding the impact of their place in the team, learners gain an understanding of being more conscious of delivering a professional and quality effort.

Improving Personal Effectiveness (2 days)

10 credits, unit standards 15234, 110021
This module deals largely with time management and enhancing one’s strengths to improve delivery, as well as achieving personal effectiveness in the business environment.

Organisational Ethics (1 day)

8 credits, unit standards 10022, 110026
It is imperative that office employees who probably have access to privileged information or forums, are aware of issues of ethics and confidentiality. This course explores these issues as well as the accountability of the employee when these impact their jobs.

Written Business Communication (3 days)

36 credits, unit standards 8969, 8970, 8972, 8975, 8976, 110023, 12153
The learner will improve their written professional communication skills, as well as learn to compose work-related texts such as email and minutes of meetings.
NOTE: if the learner does not have grade 12, then an additional module in a second language is required.

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Oral Business Communication (2 days)

10 credits, unit standards 8968, 8974
This module allows learners to improve their verbal skills to better communicate with internal as well as external clients, on a one-on-one basis or in a team scenario.

Managing Reception (2 days)

7 credits, unit standards 13928, 7790
A module that will result in a more professional interface with potential and current clients at a critical point – the reception. The learner is made aware of the impact of the first impression.

Customer Management (1 day)

7 credits, unit standards 7836, 10023
Any employee must ensure at all times that the satisfaction of customers is maintained through effective communication. This includes all aspects of customer care especially dealing with complaints and requests. This module will enhance the skills of any employee and forms an integral component of any business.

Supplier Management (1 day)

8 credits, unit standards 109999, 14552
Anyone working in administration would benefit from gaining a better understanding of their company’s suppliers, but it will particularly suit people who have the task of managing service providers to an organisation.

Mathematics and Statistics (3 days)

10 credits, unit standards 12417, 9015
A basic module on fundamental mathematic literacy and an introduction to statistics
– a useful competency for any administrator.

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Financial Literacy (2 days)

9 credits, unit standards 7468, 10388
This module offers the learner a basic introduction to financial statements as well as how to scrutinise and understand the various elements. A useful course for any employee who has to manage and monitor a basic budget but who has no formal training in bookkeeping or finance.

Basic Business Principles (2 days)

16 credits, unit standards 13943, 7791, 13936
All employees, including office staff, need to have an understanding of the fundamental principles governing business. This module will assist learners to develop a consciousness of the impact of their work processes on the organisation as a whole.

Understanding Business (2 days)

7 credits, unit standards 13941, 13945
A useful follow up to Basic Business Principles, learners are taught the basics of stock management as well as what impact assets and stock have on an organisation. This is useful for ensuring that employees appreciate the cost of stock and learn prudence in utilising company resources.

Managing Administration (2 days)

12 credits, unit standards 110003, 110009
Key to any organisation is the administration that ensures that records are filed effectively and efficiently. This module offers training to ensure the creation of successful systems and to ensure that they remain effective.

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