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Written by Shanaaz

11 Nov 2020

PORT ELIZABETH – On 12 October 2020, the Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize, warned fellow South Africans of the possible entrance into a second wave of the coronavirus, and warned us against complacency.

The country has recorded (as of 11 November 2020) 378 100 active cases, 1 372 new cases, with the Eastern Cape declaring a total of 101 336 cases. [Numbers are subject to change]

With the number of infections increasing on a daily bases and deaths every week, South Africans have been warned and advised to prepare themselves for this second wave of the coronavirus.  

At Khanyisela College, we continue to smoothly carry out our operations, while using the regulations as a guideline. We encourage our staff and learners to stick to the regulations set out by the health officials, and these regulations include (but are not limited to) regular screening of people who enter the premises, social distancing within the institution, regular washing of hands and limited gatherings in shared spaces.

We encourage our staff to be transparent when they are being asked questions for the purpose of screening, no one may enter the building if they are not wearing a mask, handshakes and hugging are not encouraged.

“COVID-19 is still with us, especially if we start thinking that we should be complacent and forget about masks and social distancing,’’ stated our Minister.

We urge our staff to continue using their elbow when they sneeze or cough and that they should not report for duty when they suspect that they may have any symptoms. However, evidence of their visit to the doctor will be required when they return to work.

We continue to try to minimise direct contact and should an opportunity of conducting meetings virtually present itself, we would like to strongly recommend that you take it into consideration. 

Please stay safe during this time as the virus is still with us.

Khanyisela College takes this pandemic very seriously.  Anyone who does not adhere to the COVID-19 regulations and protocols will be asked to leave the College, or will not be allowed entry.

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